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Balayage Hair Colour at Peewees Hair Salon in Burgess Hill, West Sussex

There's a reason why balayage and ombré are two of the most asked-for hair colour looks at Peewees hairdressing salon in Burgess Hill.  Our highly-trained colourists are experts when it comes to this specialist technique and we know just how to accentuate your hairstyle and flatter your facial features with a bespoke look.

We will happily guide you through the technique and explain which hair colours would best suit you best.  Simply book in for a complimentary colour consultation so we can find the perfect balayage look for you.  For inspiration, take a look at the balayage images below, all created in our Burgess Hill salon by our talented Designer Sinead.

Please note: All new or returning clients will need to have a quick skin test 48 hours before their colour appointment.

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What is Balayage?

The word balayage comes from the French meaning "to sweep" or "to paint".  It is usually applied freehand, with your hair colourist painting soft, subtle highlights directly onto the hair, carefully placing them to accentuate your hair cut and lighten those areas which would naturally be lifted by the sun.

We can place the balayage highlights wherever you would like them - there's no need to simply have a half or full head.   For example, many people opt for a few face-framing balayage highlights, to enhance their facial features.

One of the most requested balayage looks is the blonde balayage but we can create balayage highlights in any colour you choose, including pastel balayage or brighter fashion shades.  Red balayage can look stunning while brunette hair colours can be really lifted with some warm caramel balayage highlights.   

Why Is Balayage So Popular?

Blonde Balayage Experts West Sussex Hairdressers

Balayage is so very popular because it not only creates a natural look but it's also fairly low maintenance.  With traditional foil highlights you can tend to get a more noticeable regrowth line (depending on your hair colour).  With balayage, the highlights are applied freehand in a more natural pattern, so this is less of an issue.  

Our hair colour experts will work with your skin tones, haircut and natural hair growth patterns to create a bespoke balayage look that's right for you.  As the colour is painted on by hand, your Peewees colourist can choose exactly the right placements to best complement your features and skin tone whilst looking completely natural - unless, of course, you rather go for a bright fashion colour balayage!

What Is The Difference Between Balayage, Ombré & Sombré?

Balayage is a highlighting technique which is beautifully blended into your hair and growing lighter towards the ends.   Variations on this technique include root stretching or colour melting which are all both slightly different versions of balayage.  

Ombré comes from the French word for shadow.  It is a bolder hair colour technique where you can clearly see the difference between the hair colours used,  as they graduate from darker at the roots to lighter at the ends.  

Sombré (soft ombré) is a much subtler version of ombré.  The appearance of dark roots is less striking and the colour is more seamlessly melted together.  Sombré goes beyond balayage and works with more shades and tones throughout the hair to add greater dimension and texture.

It's easy to confuse these different techniques, so it's important to book in for an in-depth colour consultation with one of our balayage experts so we can help you decide which colour technique is right for you. 

What Are Babylights and Highlights?

Babylights and highlights are other hair lightening techniques you could consider.  You are probably already familiar with the regular highlighting technique, which involves lots of strands of hair being coloured in a uniform pattern, usually across the whole of the head.  We can also offer a half head highlights, quarter head highlights or simply add a few well-placed highlights wherever you want them.

When it comes to babylights, we also use the traditional highlighting process, but pick up very tiny sections of hair.  This produces incredibly subtle and delicate highlights. Babylights are usually white blonde highlights, that are often added around the hairline to mimic the soft hair colour on a child's head.

Balayage can generally create a more sun-kissed, natural look than regular highlights because the colours are hand-painted throughout your hair.  This will produce a less noticeable regrowth line. 

Blonde Balayage Hair Colour Transformations

Blonde balayage is our most requested balayage look because of the gorgeous sun-kissed effect it creates.  There are so many different shades of blonde you could add to your hair, so let us find the one that will light up your complexion and bring out the colour of your eyes.   Blonde balayage is a great way to lighten brunette or brown hair or bring some interest to mousy coloured hair.

Take a look at some of the great balayage transformations created in our Burgess Hill salon by our Designer Sinead.

Balayage Experts BEFORE


Balayage Experts Burgess Hill Hairdressers


Beautiful Balayage BEFORE


Beautiful Balayage Burgess Hill salon


Book Your Balayage Appointment At Burgess Hill's Best Hairdressers

If you are interested in a bespoke balayage or ombré hair colour, please book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation by calling us on 01444 226983.

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